When one person from a couple dies, it is a very traumatic time for the surviving partner.

Having to arrange a funeral, sort out the wills and probate as well as letting all of the financial companies know that someone has passed away.

This is somewhat eased by having a good financial adviser. They will help contact all of the relevant companies to get the relevant forms completed in a timely manner and therefore, make sure that the process isn’t more daunting or complicated than it needs to be for the survivor.

However, it can be somewhat different when both parties die and the next of kin has to try and find out who and what they should deal with in order to sort out the deceased estate.

By introducing your next of kin to your financial adviser, you will have the peace of mind that they will know who to contact in the first instance, so that your financial adviser can ensure that your relatives get everything in order in a prompt manner and probably save hundreds of pounds in extra costs for solicitors to find out all your investment information.

Your next of kin do not need to know all of your personal information whilst you are alive, but they should know who it is to contact, should they need to.

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