I first got in touch with Sarah over 10 years ago, when unfortunately, my brother died suddenly.

I was going through his personal and financial items when I found her business card and made contact with her to inform her of his passing, as my brother was a client of Sarah's.

Sarah, came to see me and helped me during this difficult time to go through all the financial paperwork and she notified the various investment providers and pension scheme administrators of his death.

She also helped guide me through the numerous forms which had to be completed for probate and the HMRC.

Once the estate had been settled, I asked Sarah to look at my financial situation and because of her sound advice I was able to utilise my inheritance to provide me with an additional income to enhance my pensions, which allowed me to take early retirement. 

I am now spending my time, relaxing, travelling the world and enjoying my retirement.

I have recommended Sarah to several close friends and family and they are now benefiting from her expertise.

Without her help I am sure I wouldn’t have the lifestyle I am enjoying at present.


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