My name is Wayne

In 2006, I met Sarah when my wife introduced her to me and said she was a financial advisor.

We asked Sarah to look at our investments which hadn’t been reviewed for some time.

Sarah took the time to find out all about our current situation and got up to date values. As the investments had been left for a few years they had not continued to perform as they had initially, so we agreed then that they needed to be reviewed with the option of consolidating them to make life easier. Sarah explained everything clearly and concisely and made the whole process easy to understand and follow.

Sarah also pointed out that we were paying a higher premium for the life cover that we had to cover our mortgage than necessary, and that as we had a young family we should also consider additional life cover for us both whilst the boys were still financially dependant.

As I am self employed, Sarah explained the importance of pension planning and once again, the plans I had in place hadn’t been reviewed for some time.

She updated me on their current status and value and again we looked at what I wanted to achieve for my retirement and that led to me adding to my pension plans to help me towards my goals.

As the years have rolled by, Sarah has kept us up to date with our plans as we agreed to have regular reviews with her and we have recommended her to our friends who are now her clients also.

Our eldest son has now left education and started his career and Sarah has sat down with him and us and agreed a pension and savings strategy that will see him well positioned for his future.


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