Sports People

Our competitive nature and endless drive ensure that those we serve always have the advantage, which are vital characteristics we share with one of our key client segments: Sportspeople.

We provide comprehensive financial management throughout your sporting career, with the primary objective of ensuring that you and your family are financially secure while doing the sport you love and into retirement.


We understand that financial security for your family and loved ones is paramount.

We work hard to safeguard your assets for current and future generations so you and they achieve what they wish. By working with families, we look to fortify their finances and ensure their assets are maintained and protected long-term.

It is important to us to preserve your legacy.


We work with you to help guide you through the next critical stage of your life and most importantly, help you fund everything you want to do and achieve in your retirement.

You have worked hard for your money; now it's time for us to help your money work hard for you so that you can live life to the fullest.

Business Owners

Running your business can be time-consuming and sometimes complex regarding your and your staff's financial plans.

We work with business owners to ensure they get the maximum benefit from financial planning so they and their workforce are secure and their benefits are looked after.

Working with us relieves much of the stress and time associated with financial planning.

Executives & Young Professionals

Many executives & young professionals come to us at Genesis Wealth Creation for financial advice. Often, their package is so complex they're worried they'll miss out on income opportunities or innovative tax reduction strategies.

Things change quickly and we can help you understand and get the right financial plan to suit your needs as your career progresses.

Other Areas of Expertise


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